10 Money Saving Tips


piggy-bankAre you planning on saving some money? Is it seeming to you as an impossible task? Well then, this article is just for you! All it takes is little self-control, careful planning and you are good to go! See your savings sum up to a huge amount in no time.

What steps can you take to achieve your goal? Read ahead to know some tips that you can follow to manage your hard earned money and increase your savings.

Prioritize Your Expenditures

There are some basic things such as food, cloth, shelter that you obviously cannot do without, isn’t that so? But there are certain ways that you can take to reduce the amount spent on the same. Start by spending on absolute essentials first and then saving for emergencies.

 Keep Records of Your Expenditures

This is one of the most helpful tips that everyone usually forgets. Keep track of every expense, whether you buy a packet of chips or a dress. Make a notebook for the same and go through it at end of each week or month. Analyse everything and now you will know about your problem areas. You will be able to change your spending habits and spend accordingly in the future.

Preparing and Maintaining a Monthly Budget

Plan your financial expenses in advance for the coming month and make sure you stick to it. For example, set aside a certain amount for unavoidables such as electricity bills, rents, food, etc. and deposit the remaining amount in a bank account.

Set Saving Goals and Establish a Time Frame for it

Think this way: “how much should I save per month to buy a house 3 years from now?” Setting reasonable saving goals and establishing a time frame to complete it will motivate you and help you in reaching towards your goal faster.

Cut Down Daily Expenditures

Walk, ride a cycle or take a public transport instead of using your own car or calling for a cab every time. Cut down your number of visits to restaurants. Reduce your energy usage by turning off lights and fans when not in use. Remember that even a dollar saved today can add to a large sum over due course of time!

Avoid Expensive Addictions

Stop drinking alcohol and expensive drinks. Drink tea or coffee to expensive lattes and cappuccinos. Stop smoking too and as a result, not only will you save money but improve your health too.

Shop Wisely

Prefer shopping some products when they are in sale. Also, consider buying in bulk as they prove to be cheap. Stop taking your credit cards when you go for shopping to avoid being tempted to buy extra products. Take limited cash.

Leverage Unused Space

Do you live in a house or apartment with one or more empty bedrooms?  If you have extra space in your apartment or home, then why not rent them out? It can be an additional source of income.

Take Advantage of Incentives

If your workplace provides you with some incentives such as transportation, medical benefits, housing then make sure you make the most out of it.

Start Saving as Early as Possible

The early you start saving, the more will be the benefits. Even an amount of $100 deposited in a savings account that offers 4% interest per year could yield an additional amount of $40 after 10 years! A small but a significant bonus!

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7 Secrets to Getting Free Cell Phone Service and Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill


With growing unemployment rates and lower income values, peoples are searching for methods to reduce their expenses. Phone bills are among one of them. One cannot cut their phone lines and rest at home. In this case they have to look out for the free or cheap phone services. One can get cheap or free phone services with various ways and can save money on their bills. You can save money on your phone bills and can call your friends and family and acquaintances without worrying about the bill.

Let’s discuss some of the ways to get free phone service.

1)      You can receive free phone service from the government if you qualify their criteria. Your household income should not be above the poverty line and you should be a resident of United States. If you are looking for the government based free phone service you should go for the SafeLink wireless. It will provide you free phone service and a free phone too. You just need to go to their website and apply. Only person from a household can apply for the free phone service.

2)      Another government based program that can help you in getting free phone service is the TracFone Wireless. It is similar to the SafeLink Wireless. It also provides the free call minutes and text messages. You can also recharge your phone with TracFone Airtime Cards which is easily available.

3)      You can also receive the free phone service from the non-government organizations. Virgin Mobile is offering the free phone and free phone services to the customers. This is an Assurance Wireless program. You will receive a free cell phone and free 250 call minutes per month without any charge. To apply for the program your total household income should not exceed the poverty line set by the government.

4)      ReachOut wireless also gives free phone services to their customers. They offer refurbished phones of Samsung, Motorola, LG, Audio, Kyocera and Nokia. It also offers free 250 call minutes per month free of charge and text messages too.

5)      If you do not wish to go for any of these services then you can also go for the free talk time offered by various cellular companies. You can get the free talk time cards from shopping websites. There are many companies that offer free talk time to their customers as a free gift or for promotional activities.

6)      Another way is to hack the Apple phones to make free calls. Many people also use hacking technique to call on another people’s expense. But it is certainly not legal and not ethical.

7)      You can also make free calls using Skype calling. Skype is an internet based program that will need internet connection. If you have internet on your phone or on laptop you can make free calls. You can make free audio and video call using. The messages are focused free. Some other internet based application also allows free voice calls such as Nimbuzz.

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My Plan for Getting a New Job


Whether you have just crossed the boundary of university or already a part of the working world, looking for a new job is obvious especially if you are looking forward to your dream job. But the journey from a university graduate to an official is not as smooth as you think.

Those days are over when your academic results would prove your excellence and you were a known face to all inside the campus. This world is vaster and more competitive than your college or university campus. Surviving itself is a challenge over here.

Stepping into the working environment needs a lot of planning and preparations. Getting a new job needs more research and hard work and above all a proper planning. Let’s take the first step towards the doers’ world.

Choose the Career Path

These may be the most important questions after completing the education “What I want to do?” and “Where do I want to join?” Selecting the career path is the vital decision to be made at this stage which will help in expanding my way towards getting the dream job.

Build Strong Communication

Building strong communications with people doubles the chances of winning a new job. How? More people mean more communication and a good chance of finding one related to the desired job. There is no harm in informing others that I am looking for a job after all.

Targeting the Company

I think the next step should be making a list of the companies where I would love to join. If you are not a fresher but want switch to a new job, selecting the company plays an important role. Knowing about the company’s history and present economical condition is very important.

Prepare an Effective CV

First step towards a new job is preparing a CV. It’s the sole ticket to present myself to the authority to uphold my strength and capabilities. Preparing an effective CV is must though it may take hours to prepare. Spending hours in preparing a good CV are far better than delivering a worst one within a short time as it will confirm the second step.

Stay in Touch

Sending the CV does not work on your behalf only. Following up is another important part. Sending CV does not assure the interview call but following up with the company increase the chance of getting my first interview call. Follow up mails or calls explaining “why you want the job” may just work for you.

Let’s Face the Interview

Let’s assume I have received my first interview call, now the real battle begins- facing the interview. Only your capability of talking is not enough to face an interview. Proper knowledge, presentation, convincing capability and above all your knowledge are the key ingredients of your success.

Gather enough information regarding the company to make the interview interactive. No one wants a participant who will just sit as an idol after all. Along with answering questions you may add some too to get your answers. So, move ahead and get your dream job.

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